What Is The Excel Center?

The Excel Center is a first-of-its-kind adult public high school that offers a full high school curriculum to adults 18 and over, allowing students to earn an accredited high school diploma. It is a proven solution – across the nation – that increases salaries, reduces reliance on public assistance, assists in anti-recidivism, and drives economic value to the state and local communities.

The Excel Center education model has been around since 2010, giving students the opportunity to complete their high school education and land higher-paying jobs. Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona is proud to bring The Excel Center in Arizona – the first in the state.

The purpose of The Excel Center goes beyond giving high school diplomas to students. The Excel Center provides services to support the whole student while reducing barriers to employment. Students are able to continue their high school education and land sustainable employment so they can provide for their families. Below are some of the services and benefits that every student has access to:

● College Credits
● Transportation Assistance
● Child Care Center
● Flexible Class Schedules
● Academic and Life Coaching
● Industry-Recognized Certifications

Top 10 Things to Know

To truly understand the impact The Excel Center has in the state of Arizona, we provided the top 10 things you should know about The Excel Center:

  1. Excel Centers are public high schools serving adults.
  2. Excel Center graduates earn an Arizona high school diploma and workforce credentials.
  3. Excel Centers support students with academic, social, and employment supports; including childcare, career and life coaching, relevant academic content, employment assistance, etc.
  4. Arizona legislation is necessary to allow for public high schools serving adults.
  5. The need is great, as more than 700,000 adults in Arizona do not have a high school diploma.
  6. Excel Centers are a proven solution; started over a decade ago, they have proven to increase salaries, reduce reliance on public assistance, assist in anti-recidivism, and drive economic value to the state and local communities.
  7. Research of Excel Centers has shown a $12,000 average wage increase for Excel Center graduates who went directly into the workforce (Univ. of Notre Dame, LEO).
  8. Excel Centers have demonstrated a direct impact on the academic success of the children of Excel Center graduates; 70% report improvement in their children’s school performance.
  9. Arizona legislation would establish process and accountability for authorizing adult high schools; and limits on student enrollment.
  10. Excel Centers now successfully operate in five states across the country and Washington D.C: Indiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Texas.

Support The Excel Center

Will you support The Excel Center and help thousands of adults in Arizona? A monetary donation will directly support The Excel Center to help students achieve their educational and career goals.

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