Whether you are 22, 35, or 71, a high school diploma from The Excel Center gives you the opportunity to thrive and build a future that’s bright. For many, The Excel Center has given individuals hope for a better tomorrow and successful career paths.

Students in Excel Centers across the country have sought many types of work opportunities after graduation. From a certification in hospitality, early childhood development, to becoming a lawyer, students are supported throughout their education to reach their career goals.

The Excel Center allows students to achieve a high school diploma and post-secondary education and careers within local industries. Each student is given the opportunity to meet their Excel Academic Success Coach who will help students create and navigate their career pathway. This helps students identify their strengths and interests as they get closer to graduation and look for work.

Did you Know?

● 97% of Excel Center students graduate with workforce credentials, certifications, or college credits
● 70% of Excel Center graduates find employment and earn a 50% wage increase (many go directly into college)
● Individuals with a high school diploma make an average of $8,400 more per year than individuals holding a GED certificate (Source: US Census Bureau)

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Looking to finish your high school diploma and grow your career? The Excel Center gives all students the opportunity to earn their high school diploma and industry certifications to land sustainable employment.

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